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The Global Montessori Plus Programme for preschoolers, integrated with modern technologies and the core principles of Montessori education, aims at creating a rich learning experience for students. The programme of five strong pillars provides high-quality education that develops the language, literacy, numeracy, emotional, universal values and creative skills of children. Students are given exceptional opportunities to develop their learning skills through Multiple Intelligences and Futuristic pedagogy.

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Age Criteria for Admission

Starting from the age of 3, children are eligible to register for pre-nursery, with Junior KG available for 4-year-olds and Senior KG open to 5-year-olds.

Here are the age criteria for the GMP at GIIS in Nagpur:

3 Years as of 31st December
Junior KG
4 Years as of 31st December
Senior KG
5 Years as of 31st December

What is the GMP?

The Global Montessori Plus programme is considered by many to be the best education experience. We are proud to offer this programme at our Smart Campus in Nagpur, where we complement the curriculum with our state-of-the-art facilities, innovative learning environments and highly qualified teachers


The Excelerate Programme

This pillar anchors the GMP curriculum by rooting it in academic excellence. It is designed to encourage preschoolers to become curious students, and emphasises language development. To adapt the lessons to this particular pillar, teachers use a variety of singing, speaking, writing, listening and reading components. While academic development is the core focus of this pillar, students also enjoy interactive games and hands-on activities that promote knowledge acquisition in a way that allows them to move freely and explore their learning environment.

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 ‘Excelerate’ Programme - Pillar of GMP Curriculum

Multifaceted Learning

The multifaceted learning pillar intertwines the GMP with GIIS’ 9Gems Holistic Framework, an innovative framework that encourages academic and personal development throughout a child's education. The multifaceted learning pillar is what makes our school the best Montessori in Nagpur. In the classroom, students are free to choose from a wide range of activities, which ultimately allows them to discover their own interests and strengths. It is a natural way of differentiating the learning experience for preschool students who are just being introduced to the classroom environment. Teachers actively work throughout the academic year to refresh their learning space and provide students with new, engaging activities.

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 Multi-faceted Learning - Pillar of GMP Curriculum

iPlay Programme

This pillar plays a central role in the GMP curriculum, as educational experts agree that preschool students learn best through play. The classroom at GIIS is a play-based environment for students, and they always have the flexibility and freedom to explore the areas that interest them the most. However, teachers are readily available to guide students, provide them with appropriate and realistic boundaries and enforce discipline when necessary, which prepares students for the more structured learning experiences they will encounter in the years ahead. This play-based environment promotes healthy social development, independence and physical activity.

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 iPlay Programme - Pillar of GMP Curriculum

iCare Programme

The iCare Programme helps develop empathy and understanding. GIIS’ 9Gems pedagogy emphasises the importance of being culturally aware and empathetic to the needs of those around you, which is why this pillar is the perfect complement to our Montessori school in Nagpur. The iCare Programme relies on lessons that instil fundamental values, such as compassion, kindness and giving, in early learners. Through innovative and inspiring activities, like charity drives and tree-planting excursions, students learn more about nurturing the world around them.

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 iCare Programme - Pillar of GMP Curriculum

Future-Ready Programme

Our global focus sets our Montessori education in Nagpur apart from other local preschools. We prepare our youngest learners for future challenges by providing them with interactive learning centres where they can explore various career options, interact with technology and participate in entrepreneurial activities.

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 Future Ready Programme - Pillar of GMP Curriculum

“Dear Parents, During this Covid-19 Pandemic, Our Students have exceptionally outperformed in 2021 CBSE Results with an average 95.40% as highest score alongside a 100% pass rate. On account of the same, we are extending our gratitude to new parents who’d like to be part of our growth journey “ - Principal


*In form of scholarships and admission fees to all deserving students across merit and based on family income.

Why Choose the GMP?

GMP's compelling value proposition lies in its customisation of Maria Montessori's world-renowned teaching methodology. By integrating the original theory with contemporary research and insights, we have infused the fundamentals of formal learning with the latest innovative learning tools. Our methodology offers unique and unprecedented growth and development opportunities for our students. For more information about the GMP at the best international school in Nagpur, download our GMP Guide Book today.

GIIS Noida GMP - The Plus Program

High Standards of Learning

The award-winning GMP Plus programme is in line with the international education standards providing a strong platform for students to explore their capabilities and interests. The excellent pedagogy offers a holistic approach that builds the confidence of students and helps them face the new-age challenges.

Our Teachers

Qualified teachers at our Montessori school in Nagpur are well versed with the Montessori curriculum and are trained to prepare the students to become lifelong learners through the excellent pedagogy integrated with modern and innovative technologies. Our teachers are excellent childcare facilitators who foster students in a productive and supportive environment where the love for learning is inculcated and is full of experiences.

9 Gems

The exemplary Montessori curriculum integrated with the 9 GEMS holistic framework emphasizing the development of personality, character, values, academics of a student making GIIS one of the best Montessori international schools in Noida. This pedagogy phenomenally provides all-round development of the students sculpting their entrepreneurial, leadership, and creative skills.

Extra Curricular Activity

Every child needs to be given the confidence that they have a unique quality that will be moulded magnificently. To identify and ignite their skill, right from nursery years, GIIS provides a host of extra-curricular activities that exposes emerging abilities of students. With these activities, students develop their immaculate social skills, critical thinking, and the importance of teamwork and healthy competition.

Co Curricular Activity

GIIS, encourages students to hone their inherent talent and explore new possibilities with superlative co-curricular activities and skill-based learning programmes. As example , We offer the best clubs for students to become confident future speakers and build social integration.

Seamless Transition to Primary School

Our exceptional GMP programme that offers the 5 strong pillars helps in the preparation of students to take up the next level of learning with ease. Students are given guidance and training by our expert faculty to cope with primary school education. A safe, engaging, and enthusiastic environment is offered to students to develop their motor skills, coordination, and language skills. Students can confidently go a step ahead to the Montessori primary school.

Why GIIS is the best Montessori school for your child

Safety & Security

GIIS offers unparalleled safety and security. Your child will be able to explore their surroundings and develop confidence on a Smart Campus that uses the latest technology to implement the best security measures.

Parent Engagement

GIIS welcomes parent engagement. We believe that connecting home life with school life allows our students to apply their knowledge in real-world settings. Therefore, we prioritise communication with parents and welcome their involvement.

Technology in GIIS

GIIS provides access to state-of-the-art technology. While our Montessori education focuses on a play-based, exploratory structure, we incorporate technology into the curriculum to help students develop 21st-century skills.

Subjects Offered

EVA (Environmental Awareness)
Dance and Music
Free play and structured play
Additional subject

What's it like to be part of GIIS family

Testimonial Image
Well begun is half done. We experienced something really ‘Global’.

Mr Vishnu Gawli

Testimonial Image
A window was opened for us today to GIIS. Good to know that it will be a progressive school. Have a lot of hope.

Ar. Ketki Tidke

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