Facilities in Nagpur

The school provides students with facilities aimed at improving their mental, physical and spiritual well-being.

Our Facilities Make Us the
Best School for Learning in the 21st Century

At GIIS Nagpur, our priority is to encourage our students to develop into independent, thoughtful and skilled learners who are poised to become the innovative leaders of the next generation. One of the ways that we do this is by creating a school with the best infrastructure, allowing our facilities to complement the curriculum and enhance the learning experience of all students. As a result, we are on the path to becoming the best international school in Nagpur, largely because our facilities will generate the most positive learning outcomes for all our students.Register your interest today for more information about our digital school and its facilities.

We have a wide spectrum of spaces that ensures quality campus life for students in a multi-cultural, diverse environment. Some of our campus facilities include:
Britannica Learning Zone
Specialised Pre-primary
Montessori Laboratory
Kindergarten Play Area
Kiddies’ Pool
Art & Craft Lab
IT Lab
Maths Lab
Audio-Visual Room
Football Ground
Indoor Sports
Mahatma Gandhi Centre
for Universal Values
Badminton Court
Basketball Court
In-house Skating Ring

Safety and Security

The safety of our students is very critical to us. We strive to make each and every student feel safe within the premises, and the parents feel secure about their child's whereabouts. Which is why, besides traditional security guards, we have installed hundreds of CCTV cameras within the school to provide that extra layer of safety. We also carefully scrutinise the backgrounds of each member of staff and working personnel who come into direct or indirect contact with students.

Discover Our Next-Gen Learning Environment

The next-gen learning environment we are creating will help us quickly become the best school in Nagpur. Our classroom spaces and learning environments are designed to inspire and excite students while simultaneously allowing them to develop the 21st-century skills they will need.

Understand Our Smart-Tech Infrastructure

At GIIS Nagpur, we are proud to offer our staff and students the best infrastructure. We believe that our smart-tech infrastructure makes us the best international school in Nagpur because it creates a safe and effective learning environment that can be relied upon consistently by all members of our community.

New-Age Facilities

We are proud to be a digital school that offers technology-enhanced classrooms. Not only are these digital classrooms equipped with the latest technology, but they are also amplified with enhanced security features. These include facial recognition safety features and digital lockers for all students.

Sports Facilities

We have a variety of state-of-the-art sports facilities on campus, allowing students to develop healthy habits while pursuing their interests. Our sports facilities include basketball and badminton courts, an outdoor lawn tennis court, a 200-metre running track and a football ground.

Skill-Based Facilities

We have designed several skill-based facilities that allow students to enjoy interactive and hands-on experiences that will help them develop many skills they will need. These facilities include our design and innovation studio, radio, and TV studios.

With the proper infrastructure in place, we can provide our students with a learning experience that extends beyond traditional classroom lessons. Ultimately, by investing in the best infrastructure, we can better prepare our students for a life full of curiosity and learning.Register your interest today for more information about why the best infrastructure is necessary for an engaging learning experience.