Top 11 Tips For Excelling In Mathematics

May 4, 2023

Is your child struggling with maths? Do they find equations and formulas confusing and challenging to understand? Students often find maths challenging, and your child is not the only one.

Maths is important and used in so many areas, if you're a student attending a primary school in Nagpur, you may find mathematics to be a challenging subject. By adopting the right attitude and utilising effective tactics, anyone can achieve success in mathematics.

We have compiled a list of 11 Mathematics tips that can help your child become really good at maths. These tips for Excel in Maths include ways to study and strategies for solving problems.

With these tips, your child will have all the knowledge they need to do well in maths and feel confident about it. Encourage them to put down their calculators, grab a pencil, and start practising these tips to ace tests and feel like a mathematical genius.


What Are Good Mathematical Skills?

Mathematics is an essential part of many disciplines and is a necessary skill set for individuals to have. It involves critical thinking, abstract reasoning, and independent work to solve complex issues.

Good mathematical skills also include the ability to work effectively with numbers, understand basic calculations quickly and accurately, interpret data, recognize patterns, and draw conclusions.

Herein, we will investigate the numerous elements that define strong mathematical talent and offer insights on how to help your child improve their skills to Excel in Maths.

How To Get Excel In Maths: Top 11 Tips

Here are the top 11 tips for excelling in mathematics:

1. Understand the basics

Mathematics is built on fundamental concepts. So, it is important to understand the basic concepts first. Understanding these concepts will make it easier for them to tackle more complex problems later on.

2. Practice regularly

Mathematics requires consistent practice to become proficient in it. Set aside a regular study schedule and stick to it. Daily maths practice will help you improve your skills and confidence.  By doing this you will feel more confident when facing difficult maths questions, and they will enjoy the subject more.

3. Seek help

Don’t hesitate to ask your teacher, tutor, or classmates for help if you are struggling with a concept or problem. They can provide additional explanations or clarify doubts.

4. Stay organised

The key to success in any subject is staying organised. Keep track of which topics you have already mastered and which ones still pose difficulties. This will help you focus your studies and cover all the material.

5. Take notes during class

In order to be able to review the topics later when you are studying at home, it is important to take notes during lectures and discussions. By reviewing notes regularly, you can also find any gaps in your understanding and ask your teacher or peers for clarification.

6. Take advantage of online resources

The internet has made it easier to access study materials and resources for nearly any subject, including mathematics. There are so many online platforms that offer tutorials and lessons on topics ranging from basic operations to calculus.

7.  Make use of study groups

It is possible to improve your maths understanding by studying with others. Find a group of classmates who are also struggling with certain topics, and work together to master them by teaching each other and discussing any problems or confusion. In addition to solidifying your understanding of the material, this will boost your motivation as well.


8. Practice with past papers

Past papers are an excellent way to prepare for exams. Practice with past papers to familiarise yourself with the types of questions asked and the exam format.

9. Keep a record of formulas

Mathematics requires the memorization of formulas. Keep a record of formulas and review them regularly to ensure you remember them.

10. Set Goals

Setting goals can help you stay organised and on track with your studies. Make sure to set realistic goals that are achievable within a reasonable amount of time, and make sure to reward yourself once you’ve achieved them.

11. Believe in Yourself

Believing in yourself is key when it comes to any subject, especially maths. Remind yourself that you have the skills and intelligence to achieve whatever it is you put your mind to and don’t be afraid of failure.

By following these steps, you will be on your way to excelling in maths.


Excelling in mathematics is not just about being naturally gifted with numbers, but it's also a combination of regular practice and perseverance. By following the 11 tips for maths that we have shared in this article, students attending international schools in Nagpur can develop their mathematical abilities, build confidence, and achieve top marks in this subject.

Motivate your child to face difficult maths problems with a positive attitude, and encourage them to ask for assistance whenever required. Motivate and inspire them to continue putting in effort and aiming for their best performance in maths.


What Are The Benefits Of Being Good At Maths?

Being skilled in maths offers several benefits.

● Firstly, it can help individuals do well in school and find career opportunities in science, engineering, finance, and other areas. 

● Maths can also improve logical reasoning and foster creativity.

● It can improve time-management and organisational abilities.

● Having strong maths skills can help in financial management and decision-making.

● Being proficient in maths can increase self-esteem and overall academic achievement.


What Are 3 Reasons Why Maths Is Important?

1. The importance of maths is essential for many careers: Maths is required for many careers such as engineering, computer science, finance, data analysis, and scientific research. Having a solid foundation in maths is crucial for pursuing these fields.

2. Studying maths can improve skills like critical thinking and problem-solving. It helps individuals develop logical reasoning abilities that are beneficial in many different aspects of life. These skills assist in analysing and resolving problems more efficiently.

3. Maths is used in everyday life: From calculating grocery bills to measuring ingredients for a recipe, maths is a part of everyday life. It is used in personal finance, home improvement projects, and other daily activities.

What Does It Mean To Be Successful In Maths?

Being successful in maths involves grasping essential mathematical concepts and utilising them to solve problems. It also necessitates having good critical thinking abilities, the capacity to scrutinise data, and communicating mathematical ideas effectively. Finally, success in maths entails having a strong motivation to continue learning and the perseverance to overcome any difficulties.

Can A Weak Student Become Good At Maths?

Yes, a student who struggles with maths can improve their skills by working hard, being patient, and using effective learning methods. Improving in maths requires consistent practice and persistence, so it's essential to dedicate time and effort to the subject. 

Building a strong foundation is crucial, so reviewing fundamental concepts and practising regularly can be helpful. Seeking help from teachers, tutors, or peers is also an effective strategy. 

Using effective learning methods like breaking down problems, making connections between concepts, and regular practice can help weak students improve their maths skills. With the right mindset, effort, and effective learning strategies, anyone can become good at maths.

How Can I Be Confident In Maths?

Having confidence in maths is a personal journey, but Having self-belief is essential. Many people may feel that they are not good at maths, but changing your mindset and telling yourself that you can do it can make all the difference. 

Additionally, practising regularly is important. The more you work on maths problems, the more confident you will become in applying mathematical concepts. So keep practising and watch your confidence grow


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